Pompeii Bath Bomb| Bath Fizzy | Natural Oils & Butters | Self Care Gift | Gift for Her |Spa Gift

Pompeii Bath Bomb| Bath Fizzy | Natural Oils & Butters | Self Care Gift | Gift for Her |Spa Gift

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Introducing our Pompeii Bath Bomb, a luxurious indulgence infused with the delightful aroma of sweetened citrus and bright fresh fruit. But that's not all—hidden within the heart of this bath bomb lies a secret treasure: a diamond-shaped, water-activated LED light. With each use, watch as your bath transforms into a mesmerizing oasis, illuminated by the gentle glow of the LED light, adding an extra touch of magic to your bathing ritual. Immerse yourself in the invigorating scent while our premium formula moisturizes your skin, leaving it silky smooth and radiant. Elevate your bath experience with Pompeii Bath Bomb, where every soak is a refreshing escape.

Crafted with premium ingredients including Sodium Carbonate, Citric Acid, Cream of Tartar, Epsom Salt, Polysorbate 80, Apricot Kernel Oil, Essential Oils or Fragrance, SLSA & Lake Colorant, our bath bomb ensures a gentle yet indulgent experience for all skin types.

Each listing includes 1 Pompeii bath bomb, weighing 6 oz. Please note that variations in color, design, and shape may occur due to the handmade nature of our products.

*Care Instructions*
To preserve its freshness, store in a dry area away from direct water and humid conditions until ready for use. The LED light can be removed and reused for multiple baths.

Thank you for choosing Winter Creek Farm Store. Illuminate your bath and awaken your senses with the captivating Pompeii Bath Bomb.

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